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Borbulov’s Production Laboratory

Technology of precision and operativeness

The production of complex products with high-precision details puts forward the strict demands to the sizes, to the quality of metal, slots, thread, joining, to the smoothness of surface, to the engraving. Perfect correspondence to the technical demands is needed. The examples are aviation and electronic industry, instrument engineering. The violations lead to serious losses, breakdowns, accidents. In a range of cases, a specific technology and technical decision for the production of a detail and organizing of work are needed. Then, we can get required “output  result and can do it in time.

This productive situation mean  – we need a reliable, competent and skilful partner who would be always able to produce qualitative high-fidelity and high-precision details in required time strictly following the demands.

Borbulov’s Laboratory was founded in 2001 by the engineers- electronicians. They were themselves the users of “standard work” of machining process and producing of details. The gap in precision was obvious, also there were significant problems with the quality of metal. In general, these “average” products of “middle level” couldn’t be used in precision instruments.

The head of the engineering group made a decision – to create his own workshop of metal working of high precision – the Borbulov’s production laboratory. Its task was to produce technical decisions, technologies and complex items of high precision for electronic instrument making.

Now it is a platform with modern machinery which carries out precise and prompt orders for aviation, instrument making and printing industry and precise mechanics. It comprises several processing centers of high precision, including three- and four-coordinates. It allows to produce the details of high complexity (for example, panels (boards) for aircraft instruments, blades for turbines). To process red-hot steel, nonferrous metal very quickly and with high precision. Thus, Borbulov’s production laboratory is able to carry out both single orders for rare details with specific demands to the precision and serial orders of big volume.


Characteristics of the Laboratory:

Engineering traditions: The Laboratory is the initiator of the best technical decisions for the client, it creates optimal technologies for the production according to the criteria “precision/quality/price/”.

The team and professionalism: it comprises electronicians, technologists, metallurgists, programmers – all the competences that are needed for a successful implementation of an order.

Communication – The Laboratory is able to work both with professional industrial workers and with clients who are non-specialists. The members of the team are able to interact and cooperate and will help to formulate a technical task. The team is able to study technical task and to work out an item “from a scratch”, according to the functional demands.


The technology of precision and efficiency for your production!

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